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Some retro fun: The Puppini Sisters are neither sisters nor Puppinis, but former classmates from Trinity College of Music in London who decided one day to kick up some Andrews Sisters dust. Yes, there are expected cuts on their new album (out in the U.K. but not due here until March) such as "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" but also these: a close-harmony version of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," The Smiths' "Panic," Blondie's "Heart of Glass," and Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights." Their website is a hoot, but to get the full flavor, you'll want to see them live. They'll be performing for the first time stateside on Thursday, November 30th at Makor, 35 W. 67th [CPW/Col] 212.331.2913. RSVP.

indie rock… Friday: White Magic brings their ethereal psych-rock eeriness to Brooklyn's 3rd Ward, with Cause Co-Motion! and Entrance. Sunday: Blood Brothers, …Trail of Dead, and Celebration rock the most glorious noise at Irving Plaza. Just Announced…12/7: Junior Boys. 12/16: Rainer Maria (Farewell show)

film/art… Opening tonight at the Maya Stendhal Gallery, 545 W. 20th [11th] 212.366.1549, "Jonas Mekas Recent Work," featuring a collection of 40 short films by the artist. All of these will be available for download at Mr. Mekas' website. In addition, the 84-year-old artist will begin a project on January 1, 2007 of releasing a new short film every day for 365 days.

bookDavid Kamp, author of the delightful The United States of Arugula — How We Became a Gourmet Nation (Broadway, $26), will be in a classroom at the New School, 66 W. 12th [5th/6th] Room 510 on Monday night, 6:30pm, interviewed by David Rakoff. $5. It's a writing class, but the event is open to the public. $5.

magic… Catch A Quantum Eye, Sam Eaton's evening of magic and mentalism at Partners and Crime, 44 Greenwich Ave. [Charles] on Thursday, November 16th, 7pm (all other performances are sold out). This performance will be videotaped and audience members interviewed after the show. Tickets.

tribute… We've written before about Andrew H. Green, certainly a candidate for greatest New Yorker of all time. There will be an event in Green's honor this Sunday, 1pm, with remarks by Michael Miscione, who has done more than anyone to keep the memory of Mr. Green alive. It takes place in Central Park at the Andrew H. Green Memorial Bench (that's right, for his trouble helping to create Central, Riverside, and Morningside Parks, the NY Public Library, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the American Museum of Natural History, the city has honored him, to date, with a friggin' bench…). And good luck finding the spot, at least without help from the map created by Mr. Miscione here.

thirty-fourth street station

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