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photography… Recent works from Dutch artist Ellen Kooi are on exhibit at PPOW, 555 W. 25th [10th/11th] 212.647.1044. These are carefully composed and calibrated images, but all share a strange, beautiful bleakness.

performance… Uncle Jimmy's Dirty Basement poses the age-old question: "What kind of show would Ed Sullivan have presented if he had been an agoraphobic, somewhat delusional 35 year-old confined to his mother's basement in Indiana?" and then answers it. Playing tomorrow night, 10pm, at Mo Pitkin's and four more Friday nights. $15.

panel… A discussion called "The Two-Way Street: Immigration And The Individual" focusing on past and present immigration to this country, takes place on Saturday, 3pm-6pm, at the New School's Theresa Lang Center, 55 W. 13th [5th/6th]. As part of the event, performers in Kaos, a new work by Martha Clarke using dance, music, text, and images, will present a selection from it. Kaos is based on the Taviani Brothers' film of the same name, and will be presented at the New York Theater Workshop in November. More

out of town… October and November are our favorite months of the year to travel — European and many other destinations seem to be especially sunny, crowds are light, fares are low. If you're about to head out, you may have forgotten some of the details about what's allowed and what's not on your flight. Here's the TSA's latest yes and no list.

website… They're always up to something good at the Museum of the Moving Image. Check out their Sloan Science Cinémathèque — a website about films, filmmakers, science, and scientists. On it you'll find some fairly extraordinary student films, articles, and videos of panel discussions held at the museum.

book… Due in stores next Tuesday is Thunderstruck by Erik Larson (Crown, $25.95). Mr. Larson, who wrote the engrossing The Devil in the White City, this time out tells the tale of Marconi (of radio fame) and Dr. Crippen (of murdering his wife fame) in Edwardian London locales as well as various seaports. Expect some dark and stormy nights. Mr. Larson will be at B & N Lincoln Square on October 26th, 7pm.


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