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photography… Check out "New York City 1968-1972" — fantastic black and white photographs by Paul McDonough, in a show opening Saturday at the Sasha Wolf Gallery, 10 Leonard [Hudson/W. Bway] 212.925.0025.

event… Tonight, GO Magazine launches GO For the Cure Tour '08, a series of nationwide events that will raise funds and awareness about women's cancers. The show, 8pm at Club Sol, 609 W. 29th [11th/12th], will feature The Cliks, Margaret Cho, and Michelle Paradise (from Logo's new lesbian sitcom "Exes & Ohs"). All proceeds of this event benefit Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. $20.

food… From Michael Huynh, who brought you Bao 111 and Bao Noodles (he's no longer associated with either), comes Bun, 143 Grand [Crosby/Laf] 212.431.7999, opening officially this Monday. You can expect absolutely delicious Vietnamese food ("inventive rice noodle dishes, street food style") at gentle prices.

shopping… October 22-26, 10-6, Portolano, 15 W. 37th [5th/6th] 212.719.4403, will have men's and leather and cashmere accessories (gloves, scarves, knits, and wallets) at wholesale and below.

out of town… At the North Fork's swank Jedediah Hawkin's Inn & Restaurant, where Thomas Schaudel cooks up a storm, they offer Wine Tasting Dinners every Friday night—four courses is $60.

bookWashington Heights, Inwood, and Marble Hill —they just don't get the kind of love they deserve, and that includes from MUG. Author James Renner helps rectify that in his new book on Upper Manhattan.

before lance, annie…who could ask for anything more?


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