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shopping Through tomorrow, The Four Corners Project at Broome Street Gallery, 345 Broome [Eliz/Bowery], presented by Bow and Arrow NYC, features jewelry by Native American artisans from the southwest.

movie Film Forum shows In Jackson Heights, Frederick Wiseman's portrait of that vibrant neighborhood, starting November 4.

music Tongues in Trees, an indie/Indian dream pop band made up of Samita Sinha, Sunny Jain and Grey Mcmurray, plays Mercury Lounge on November 11.

art An auction of tattoo art—over 1000 pieces—takes place at Guernseys, 22 Little W. 12th [9th/Wash] on November 13 and 14, 1pm and 6pm each day. Preview the works on November 11 and 12, noon-9pm.

book Welcome to Night Vale, the much-loved podcast about a mysterious, (fictional) desert town, has spawned a novel.

Banksy on Ludlow (from 2013)

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