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documentary… Starting tomorrow at the Quad, For the Bible Tells Me So, an award-winning documentary by first-time filmmaker Dan Karslake about homosexuality and the Bible. The film notes that most Christians do not follow a literal interpretation of the Good Book: Most do not feel obligated to kill anyone who works on the Sabbath or eats shrimp (is there a special place in Hell for gays who eat shrimp on the Sabbath?). Karslake relates the experiences of five Christian families with a gay child (including former Majority Leader Richard Gephardt) as a way to understand how faith can reconcile with homosexuality.

indie rock… Saturday: Biggest show of the year? Arcade Fire, Blonde Redhead and Les Savy Fav play Randall's Island. Tuesday: Sunset Rubdown (featuring members of Wolf Parade) bring their sometimes sad, scattered pop to Bowery Ballroom. Just Announced…11/16: VHS or Beta. 11/27: Sondre Lerche. 12/9: Jose Gonzalez.

theater … Art, theater, and a house in Queens coalesce in the new play by Charles L. Mee, directed by Anne Bogart called Hotel Cassiopeia at BAM, October 9-13. It's an imaginative evocation of artist Joseph Cornell and the worlds he created in small boxes.

art… The Power of Art Criticism is the topic tomorrow night, 7pm, at the School of Visual Arts, 209 E. 23rd [2nd/3rd] with critics from the Times, The New York Sun, and Art in America. $7.

shoppingKartell is having a sale of design furnishings from 10/6-10/14, 39 Greene [Broome/Grand] — up to 50% off overstock, floor samples, and discontinued items, 10% off new orders.

out of town… One of our favorite designers, Louise Fili, has written a new book called The Civilized Shopper's Guide to Florence, pointing you to the best leather goods, jewelry, chocolates, lingerie in that charmed city, plus dining recommendations, and eight walking tours. The book is, needless to say, beautifully designed.

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