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art and science Beautiful Evidence, Thomas Allen's new show at the Foley Gallery, (which itself has a new location), 97 Allen [Delancey/Broome] 212.244.9081, finds the artist again remaking books but not in a pulp fiction mode as he was in his last show in town. Allen has turned his attention to science, as it might be understood by his 8-year old daughter. Chromogenic prints on themes of electricity, string theory, astronomy and biology are indelibly charming. Through October 14.

On October 11, 7pm, the book launch for The Where, the Why, and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science, is at powerHouse Arena.

sound stillspotting nyc, the Guggenheim's two-year project on noise and silence in the city, gets a finale on October 9, 7pm, with an evening of talk from DOT Commish Janette Sadik-Khan, architect Charles Renfro, along with artists, sound experts, and historians—not least of which is Professor David Suisman, (also brother of MUG's publisher), who talks about the extraordinary sound archivist Tony Schwartz.

If you missed it on its release several years ago, the documentary Herb and Dorothy will be screened at IFC on October 9, 8pm. It tells the story of the Vogels, he a postal clerk, she a librarian, who built one of the great contemporary art collections with little money. Director Megumi Sasaki and Dorothy Vogel will be on hand—Herb Vogel passed away this past summer. Megumi is working on a followup film, which will go deeper into the collection itself. You can see many of the works at Vogel 50x50.

music In this political season, sharp-edged polit/neo-cabaret troupe The Citizens Band join John Wesley Harding's Cabinet of Wonders at City Winery on October 19 and play the Abron Arts Center Oct 24-27. You can listen/buy their new album here.

The well-reviewed Globe production of All's Well That Ends, starring Olivier-winning actress Janie Dee, screens at Clearview Chelsea on October 11, 7pm.

Blue Ribbon's Bruce Bromberg teams up with Ludo Lefebvre for a 5-course Brick Oven Dinner, October 9, $225 all-inclusive.

ETHEL, the beloved string quartet, takes up residence at the Met Museum's Balcony Bar starting tomorrow night, and throughout the year on Fridays and Saturdays.

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