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theater You Better Sit Down: Tales From My Parents' Divorce, is the latest piece of 'investigative theater' from The Civilians—that invaluable company which, among other works, created Gone Missing. Conceived by Jennifer R. Morris, several members of the The Civilians sat their parents down and unearthed information about their divorces—rich material for them as performers, fraught for them as children. A play necessarily about pain, yet there's plenty of humor, too. Directed by Anne Kauffman, the cast—Matthew Maher, Caitlin Miller, Robbie Collier Sublett, and Ms. Morris—first performed the play at Williamstown last summer and previews begin at The Flea on Saturday night.

movie You'd expect horror flick The Cabin in the Woods to turn up in October but you'd be wrong about that and any preconceptions you might have about a movie with the elevator pitch "Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. Bad things happen." Fun times. Opens April 13.

spaces A Magic 8 Ball is probably as dispositive about the future of Moynihan Station as anything these days. Costs estimates rise, plans are scaled back, same-old, same-old. Or as the 8 Ball would put it, "Reply hazy, try again." Improvements to Penn Station will happen before the big ticket item of turning the General Post Office into Amtrak HQ. But the bar to improving Penn Station is low: you could move mountains with a couple of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Pads and a gallon of Febreze. Hear more from Tim Gilchrist, president of the Moynihan Station Development Corporation, who will be at the AIA Center on April 9, 6pm, discussing the project.

photography Five photographers whose main subject is New York talk about shooting the city in a series of evenings at ICP starting April 20. First up, Barbara Mensch—see her keen, unsentimental work here. $15 for each talk.

crowdsourcing On indiegogo, NYC artist Andrea Strongwater's project Where We Once Gathered: Lost Synagogues, for which she will create paintings of 100 synagogues destroyed in Europe between 1935-1945 and publish them as a series of books.

Roundtrip to Chicago from $128 (including taxes and fees) on A Roy Lichtenstein retrospective opens at the Art Institute on May 16.

Major show Noël Coward in New York at the NYPL for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. To get you in the right frame of mind, watch this old Dick Cavett Show with Coward and the Lunts.

Less war, more boarding.
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