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a.a./antonio azzuolo, 139 Norfolk [Riv/Stanton], is having a sample sale of its menswear from 3/30-4/1, 10am-7pm. Blazers, trousers, shirts, and hoodies at up to 70% off.

The nose-to-tail phenom continues with a demonstration of lamb butchery at ICE, Sunday, April 10th, 2-5pm. $75. The event benefits Slow Food NYC Urban Harvest Programs of good food education for NYC kids.

Jason Robert Quever and his dream-pop band Papercuts play Mercury Lounge on March 26th in support of their new album Fading Parade.

A sculptural tribute to Andy Warhol by Rob Pruitt is unveiled on March 30th at 17th and Broadway. On view through October 2nd.

music Mali-born Amadou & Mariam, the duo of Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia, perform their infectious brand of what's shorthanded as Afro-blues, which they mix with reggae and rock, among other styles. The singers, who lost their sight as children, met at an institute for the blind in Mali, and formed a long-lasting partnership (they're married, too). They'll perform three concerts, 4/3, 5/1, and 6/5, at the Cooper Square Hotel in a series called L'Afrik C'est Chic. More info, 212.475.5700. [Photo: Marie Dagnaux]

design Rizzoli asked one of our favorite designers, Louise Fili, to create covers for 10 novels that shaped Italy, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Italian republic. This is the gorgeous result, suitable for reading (if you read Italian) or framing in any case.

art On April 14th, 99 years to the day of the sinking of the Titanic, artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster stages a site-specific event, presented in two performances (8:40pm and 10:40pm), in the Guggenheim rotunda. You'll hear Gavin Bryars' symphony The Sinking of the Titanic while moving around the rotunda in ways we don't understand. But it should make for an interesting experience. Tickets are $30.

environment We've written frequently of our concerns about fracking, the drilling process by which natural gas is extracted from shale (that Congress deregulated in 2005). It's been temporarily banned in NY state, but Governor Cuomo will decide in the coming months whether to lift the ban. Hear the arguments pro and con at 92Y on April 5th, 7pm, $25

out of town The doughnuts are made fresh in the wee hours at Anna's, a tiny shop just outside Boston that's been open for nearly half a century. Honey dipped, cinnamon, plain, plain glazed, chocolate glazed, black raspberry twist, marble crullers, coconut… Continued

How you voted in recent MUG polls.

Should NYC have some form of congestion pricing?
68% Yes
17% If done equitably, I'm open to the idea
15% No

A genie appears and gives you a free lifetime pass to any one of the restaurants with a four-star rating by the NY Times. Which would you pick?
20% Eleven Madison Park
19% Le Bernardin
19% Per Se
15% Del Posto
11% Daniel
11% Jean Georges
06% Masa

Over the next few years, cell phone service will be introduced into the subway system. What's your take?
44% Yes to cell phone service on the platforms, but not in the cars
30% No, I don't want cell phone service in the subway system.
26% Yes, I want cell phone service on the platforms and in the cars

The first Walmart in New York may be coming to Brooklyn. Do you want the chain in the city?
85% No
15% Yes

Should the Queensboro Bridge (aka the 59th Street Bridge) be renamed for former Mayor Ed Koch, as proposed by Mayor Bloomberg?
73% No
27% Yes
[Ed: The correct answer is No. Read City for Sale]

Will you buying the iPad 2 any time soon?
58% No
22% Thinking about it
20% Yes

Governor Cuomo wants to close the Indian Point Power Plant. Do you think it should be closed?
83% Yes
17% No

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