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Transit Police in Need of Adult Supervision

Justin Currie, frontman of the superb Scottish band Del Amitri, is solo at Joe's Pub next Thursday. First show is sold out, tickets available for the 11:30pm. $15

Hands-On Cooking with Summer Herbs: Mediterranean Flavors at the Astor Center, Wednesday, June 16th, 6-9pm, $125.

The Bicycle Film Festival is a celebration of bicycles through film, art and music, June 18-20, at Anthology Film Archives.

Hank O'Neal talks about the images and stories of jazz legends collected in his book The Ghosts of Harlem at the Brooklyn Public Library tonight, 7pm.

Special menus are featured this week for Malaysian restaurant week, June 14-20.

indie rock… Friday: Scotland's longtime pop kings Trashcan Sinatras play Bowery Ballroom. Sunday: JEFF the Brotherhood bring raucously fun garage-rock to Santos Party House. Just Announced… 8/4: Arcade Fire. 9/11: Panda Bear 10/18-10/23: My Morning Jacket 11/1 & 11/2: Florence & The Machine.

salesMaclaren, the baby buggy people, are having a warehouse sale on Saturday, June 12, 10am-2pm at their East Coast warehouse, 4 Testa Place, Norwalk, CT (map). Up to 70% off many models and accesories.

The ARChive of Contemporary Music, 54 White [Bway/Church] 212.226.6967, has their summer record and CD sale (over 20,000 items), 6/12-6/21, 11-6.

art… Last chance to see Scott Teplin's Ternky Towers, watercolors and drawings that make up a narrative containing clues to jewels buried around the country. At the Adam Baumgold Gallery, 60 E. 66th [Mad/Park] 212.861.7338, through Saturday. 

sports… Baseball themes and variations—handmade balls, memorabilia, artwork—are for sale at Bergino Baseball Clubhouse, 67 E. 11th [Bway/Univ] 212.226.7150. 

out of town… Kirkland Farm in Bucks County, which dates back to the 1790s, was home to ballerina Gelsey Kirkland in the 1950s. DanceNOW producer Robin Staff and the farm's current owner, presents a cocktail reception and performance benefiting her non-profit dance troupe. A number of companies will present new, repertory, and site-specific work. Tickets are $35.

history… The Alexander Hamilton home has been relocated and is now undergoing a major renovation. On Wednesday, June 16th, 6pm, the architect in charge, Stephen Spaulding, discusses the project at a lecture and reception. Proceeds go to the renovation. $115

Here's some of what you had to say about Transit Police in Need of Adult Supervision:

• There is something seriously wrong with our police department if this is the way we treat guests in our city.

• WOW, the exact thing happened to me at 42nd street in March, the cop wouldn't do the obvious - just check my card, and I went to the Transit Bureau to fight it immediately, had to wait a month, finally got the MetroCard readout that I HAD paid, had the monthly pass on me, used it, etc. I think they keep one turnstile non-working to trap people, and post police to watch the frustrated response as others go through in the next one.

• This is so repulsive.

• Now that we have heard your side of the story I would love to hear the Transit Police version of the events. As we all know in cases like this there are three sides to the story. Your side the Police side and "The Truth"

• It's not just tourists. They do it to everyone. My niece who was pushing a stroller with her two-year-old niece in it, went through the gate, and was nabbed by Transit cops before she was able to swipe her card. She got a ticket and a fine, which she's fighting.

• A disgrace.

• Lots of very, very bad people are picked up that way - for silly things like jumping turnstiles, and unless [MUG] would condone only stopping Middle Eastern men for such offenses, [you] should probably tone it down a bit. Not to say it wasn't a bad situation and could have been handled better, but I don't know that it was so egregious to give me a novella this morning.

• My morning is ruined reading your heartbreaking story about the Asian women arrested for "farebeating". Good for you for getting onto it and publishing it.

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