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… You have enough to worry about right now. Fair enough. And yet we think Flow, Irena Salina's documentary on the increasingly serious world water crisis, should be required viewing. At the Angelika.

indie rock… Tonight: Maps and Atlases' guitars pop all over the place. See them make melodic math at Southpaw. Sunday: Electro dance masters Digitalism rock a DJ set at Santos Party House (the new "it" place). Just Announced…10/10: The National & Grizzly Bear. 12/3: Vampire Weekend. 12/15: Neil Young & Wilco

shopping… Even just saying swizzle sticks is a kick, so we find Nina Dinoff's jewelry line Swizzlet irresistible. Ms. Dinoff makes bracelets, chains, and earrings from vintage swizzle sticks and cocktail picks.

barThe Happy Hour Guys give an appropriately sentimental video sendoff to McReilly's, the LIC bar that recently closed. Watch it here.

out of town… Reader tip: "Without knowing anything about the artist beforehand, I just saw the Peggy Preheim show that recently opened at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT. I thought it was astonishingly good. Preheim makes tiny little drawings with haunting images, beautifully rendered. The show also includes her adulterated versions of U.S. and other currency that are thought-provoking and mysterious, and verging on the subversive."

wine… This should be a fun one for wine lovers: at Pasanella and Son, Vintners, 115 South St. [Whitehall/Broad] 212.233.8383, on September 25th, 7-9pm, they're having a Bordeaux tasting with Benjamin Wallace, author of The Billionaire's Vinegar. It's $75 to taste second labels from major chateaus such as Haut-Brion, plus snag a signed copy of the book.

You don't usually associate a sense of wit with watches. But the timepieces from Mr. Jones Watches, the work of Britain's Crispin Jones, have just that. He's just released his latest collection of limited editions, which includes The Average Day, Loves Me, The Watcher, The Future, and The New Decider, that will guide to you Yes or No, depending on when you look down at your watch. They're £100 or about $177.

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