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The gifted jazz singer, composer, bassist Esperanza Spalding plays the Apollo on 10/26, swinging her Radio Music Society songs into a big-band format. [Photo: Sandrine Lee]

At the Museum at Eldridge Street, a scavenger hunt, 9/20, 6:30pm, part of their monthly happy hour for people in their 20s and 30s.

All ages welcome at the Pat Kiernan-hosted Ultimate NYC Pop Culture Trivia Night on 9/24, 7:30pm, $26.

The Politics of Fracking, tonight, 6pm, CUNY Baruch.

When we think Ibsen, we think good time. OK, not really. But a good production can really be a pleasure. Doug Hughes' production of An Enemy of the People, with Richard Thomas and Boyd Gaines, puts the Norwegian drama in the express lane, to excellent effect.

Add this to a line of movies that includes El Bulli: Cooking in Progress and Jiro Dreams of SushiStep Up to the Plate is about the generational handoff at a French three-star, from Michel Bras to his son Sébastien. Opens Friday at the Quad and Lincoln Plaza.

Heads up: Nada Surf is at Bowery Ballroom on 12/15.

photography Another twist on the post-apocalyptic skein that's occupying artists these days, The Last Pictures is a project by Trevor Paglen launching September 19 in Bryant Park with Live from the NYPL. The artist talked extensively with scientists, other artists, and philosophers about what images should be included in an artifact of life on earth for when life on earth ceases to exist. A disc was created to preserve 100 photographs that will be launched into orbit for some other lifeforms to decode. Earthlings can see the images at the exhibit and in book form.

art The Neue Galerie has a new show opening September 20 called View to Infinity, over 80 paintings and drawings by Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918). To say we knew little about him would be to overstate our knowledge. And to understate his significance, having been admired by Klimt and Schiele. His work is remarkable for its range: from Alpine panoramas to intimate bedside vigils.

event Michael McKean directs (and performs in) a starry, one-night-only reading of A Thurber Carnival, celebrating the new home of Pearl Theatre Company, 555 W. 42nd. Jason Butler Harner, Jackie Hoffman, Elizabeth Marvel and many others. October 1, 7:30pm. Tickets from $200, 212.598.9502.

music Singer-songwriter Jill Sobule's songs are funny, touching short stories of life's vicissitudes. She's playing Joe's Pub, September 18 and 19, 7pm.

Mulberry Street (from 2010)

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