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Check out the work by Kramer O'Neill called Same Time Every Day, part of a project to photograph five city locations every day in "an attempt to reveal moments of grace in the mystery of the city's life, one tiny instant at a time."

The UWS is jammin' these days, at least Tuesday nights at the old P & G, now in its new subterranean spot at 380 Col [78th] 212.724.2363. Some seriously good musicians are turning up to play.

Melody Gardot is now playing a second date at the Highline Ballroom: October 16th, 8pm.

indie rock… Friday: Ty Segall gets his lo-fi garage on at Death By Audio. Friday: Ex-Christie Front Drive (Golden City) and Ex-Jawbreaker (forgetters) light up Lit. Just Announced… 11/4: Fiery Furnaces. 11/13 & 11/15: Art Brut.

art… Opening tonight at the Julie Saul Gallery, 535 W. 22nd [10th/11th] 212.627.2410, House on Fire, an exhibition of works by Sarah Anne Johnson which explore what happened to her grandmother in the 1950s, involving the CIA and unwitting medical experiments.

movies… If you haven't been to Paris in some time, there's a good wallow available courtesy of the Cédric Klapisch's Paris opening tomorrow at the IFC. Major bonus: Juliette Binoche is in it. (Binoche is now performing in a dance piece at BAM through 9/26.

talk… Hard to beat The End of Aging as a title for your talk. But biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey isn't kidding. Well, maybe not ending aging entirely, but he believes science will develop, in the next few decades, ways to postpone functional decline dramatically. The talk takes place Tuesday, 9/22, 7-8:30pm at the NY Academy of Sciences, 7 WTC, 40th flr. 212.298.8600.

out of town… Wow, roundtrip to L.A., San Fran, Las Vegas, and Seattle for $99 each way, plus fees and taxes from Virgin America. Some flights have more than one leg, but many are non-stop.

heads upThe Joy of Sake returns to NY on September 24th, 6-9pm, at Webster Hall. This year, over 270 premium sakes to try, including many that are not otherwise available here. A number of restos will be contributing appetizers. $80.

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