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photography Opening tomorrow at ICP, the results of an eight-year look at global issues by Brazilian-born photographer Sebastião Salgado—a major show called Genesis.

movie Art and Craft is a documentary about the accomplished, if that's the right word, art forger Mark Landis, who has made a career of creating bogus works by artists from many eras, and then donating them to institutions all over the country. Nuts, yes, as well as fascinating.

debate Here's the timely debate topic at the next installment of Intelligence Squared: Flexing America's Muscles In The Middle East Will Make Things Worse. Aaron David Miller and Paul R. Pillar are for, Michael Doran and Bret Stephens against. It takes place at Kaufman Center, 129 W. 67th [Bway/Amst] on Tuesday, September 30, starting at 6:45pm, $40.

music Brooklyn-based rock and roots band Animal Years plays at Rockwood at 11pm on 9/20 and 9/27. Strong tunes (have a listen here) and lead vocals by Mike McFadden.

book A new novel from Sarah Waters (Fingersmith, The Little Stranger) is always exciting news in the book world and in The Paying Guests, Waters is said to be in top form.

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