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Artists Consider the Oyster at John Graham & Sons, 32 E. 67th [Mad/Park] 212.535.5767, opening today.

It's the annual Grand Central Oyster Frenzy on Saturday: slurping, shucking, contests and demos. The website is useless, so call for details: 212.490.6650.

Williamsburg's Zenkichi gets a new sake and oyster bar, dubbed Akariba, 77 N. 6th [Wythe] 718.388.6160, now in a soft-opening phase.

indie rock… Friday: 8-bit heroes Anamanaguchi electro-blips up MHOW. Saturday: Rambunctious punks Titus Andronicus play Webster Hall. Just Announced… 11/4: Blonde Redhead. 1/30: The Dismemberment Plan. 3/15 - 3/18: Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

photography… If you learned that old NYC subway cars were being dropped into the Atlantic Ocean, you'd probably think the MTA was involved in an ecological scandal. In fact, just the opposite. The subway cars, stripped and decontaminated, are actually part of an artificial reef-building program, providing a refuge for many species of fish and crustaceans. The fascinating process is chronicled in Next Stop Atlantic, an exhibition of photographs by Stephen Mallon, on now at the Front Room Gallery, 147 Roebling [Metropolitan] 718.782.2556.

moviesNuremberg: Its Lesson for Today was a documentary written and directed by Stuart Schulberg, part of the U.S. government's program to denazify the German public. The film was never shown in America because the government feared that citizen revulsion would lead to a rejection of the Marshall Plan. It's now been restored by the director's daughter, Sandra Schulberg, and Josh Waletzky, and gets its U.S. premiere next Wednesday at Film Forum.

out of town… If a night at an Ice Hotel is on your checklist, this is probably the time. A one-night stay in the Quebec lodging is $368, saving you $200 off the regular price. Plus, you get a few nice extras. Details here. [Photo:]

Take a tour of the Woodlawn Cemetery's McKim, Mead & White-designed mausoleums with Samuel G. White, Stanford White's great-grandson. This Sunday, 2-4pm. $10. Reserve.

And while we're on Beaux-Arts, the world premiere of Hotel Savoy, presented by Performance Space 122, takes place throughout the six-floor, Goethe-Institut building on Fifth Avenue, a Beaux-Arts beauty. Each audience member takes their own tour of the 'hotel', with the assistance of 'hotel employees', that will make up the theatrical experience. Tickets are $25, performances start Thursday, September 30th.

The Vendy Awards take place on Saturday at Governors Island (sold out except for the premium tickets). But the real fun is checking out the vendors themselves. Here's a list of the finalists.

On October 12th at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, Ben Folds performs, Nick Hornby reads, and they'll celebrate the release of their album together Lonely Avenue. Tickets are $35, proceeds benefit Housing Works.


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