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theater Stephen Karam's 2012 play Sons of the Prophet was one of the best we've seen in years. So we're looking forward to the NYC debut of The Humans, Karam's latest work, at the Roundabout, with a cast that includes Reed Birney and Jayne Houdyshell. First preview is October 2.

movie 99 Homes, written and directed by Ramin Bahrani, was inspired by true events—the story of a businessman growing rich by repossessing homes and a young father who goes to work for the businessman after his own family has been evicted. Starts tomorrow.

sculpture Now at Hirschl & Adler, 730 5th [57th] 212.535.8810, Tensions, an installation of sculpture by Elizabeth Turk, whose hand-carved marble pieces explore the relationship between nature and human intervention.

art for kids At SVA, their Art for Kids program is getting underway (K-9)—Grades K through 2 are introduced to watercolor, tempera and clay and older grades build on that foundation.

music City and Colour, the nom de band of Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, has a new album out October 9 titled If I Should Go Before You. Mr. Green and friends play Terminal 5, Thursday, December 10.

food The 6th Annual Havemeyer Sugar Sweets Festival is on October 4, 10:30am-4pm, with sweet stuff from bakeries and home chefs. The non-pros are in competition to be judged the city's best home baker. All proceeds go to support the City Reliquary Museum.

Cypress Hills (from 2013)

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