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haunted house Some of the rules for the Blackout Haunted House: You have to walk through it alone. You must wear a protective mask. You must be over 18. No talking. Screaming is allowed. Got the idea? Primal fears will be stoked—don't say we didn't warn you. Opens this Saturday, 54 W. 39th [5th/6th], $30.

art installation This looks like one of those sightseeing binoculars. Right. Only this is much cooler. The Urban Field Glass Project, created by artist Rebecca Hackemann, doesn't give you a closeup of your surroundings; it gives you a look into the past and the future. Peer through one lens and you'll see a stereoscopic image of the site from the past. The other lens shows you what's proposed for the spot in the future. Two of the binoculars have already been installed at Pike Slip [South St.] and Washington St. [Prospect] in DUMBO. Six additional installations are planned. Read more about the project and you can download a free Android app.

indie rock Friday: Don't miss the sad croons of Youth Lagoon @ Glasslands. Saturday: Exceptional rhythms-and-loops band No Gold plays Party XPO. Just Announced… 10/18: Jane's Addiction. 11/25-11/27: The Cure.

movie This one will not cheer you up. Seriously. Writer and director Jeff Nichols' Take Shelter tells the story of a family in small-town Ohio, whose father (Michael Shannon, in a memorable performance) fears impending, apocalyptic doom. It captures the roiling mood of the country, alarmingly.

painting Oil paintings by Ellen Bradshaw of daily life in New York at Pleiades Gallery, 530 W. 25th [10th/11th] 646.230.0056, opening October 4th in a show called 4 Seasons in the West Village. Lovely work.

The master photographer, Elliott Erwitt, talks about his art and craft at ICP on 10/5, 7pm. If you don't want to attend in person, watch it live online at that date and time.

This one's at The Maritime Industry Museum. The what? Exactly. All the more reason for an excursion to the Bronx's Fort Schuyler, where their exhibit Showboat 'round the Bend celebrates the history of the American showboat.

Kimchi addicts, and that would include us, can step up their cabbage game with a four-session workshop at the Korea Society starting 10/7.

Manhattan (from 2009)

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