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movie Window Horses, an animated feature written and directed by Ann Marie Fleming, is the story of a young woman who goes to Iran to perform her poetry at a festival. A lovely surprise.

book Ask people for their all-time favorite NYC books and you'll find Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin frequently making the list. His new book, out October 3, Paris in the Present Tense, is another richly conceived novel. Mr. Helprin will be at Albertine, 972 5th [78th/79th] on Friday, October 13, 7pm.

theater Richard Nelson, the inestimable playwright and director, has a new play opening at the Public (first preview is October 22) called Illyria, about Joe Papp in 1958, gentrification, and the early days of the Public itself.

music Emil Svanängen, the Swedish singer-songwriter who performs as Loney Dear, has his first new album in six years out today. Time has only deepened his formidable skills (he's a multi-instrumentalist) and he still knows how to build a song like nobody's business. In prior outings, melancholy themes crescendoed ecstatically. There's some of that here, but more nuance, too.

restaurant If the Greek MountainThief style of cooking is unfamiliar to you (as it was to us), the people who are serving same at newly-opened Merakia, 5 W. 21st [5th/6th] 212.380.1950, explain it to you here.

photography At Clamp Art, Michael Massaia's exhibit of photographs titled Deep in a Dream: New York City. The images do seem to capture the subconscious of the metropolis.

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