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Walking Off the Big Apple

Tickets are on sale today—a certain sellout—for An Evening With David Sedaris on May 8th at BAM. $49-$74. [Photo: Robert Banks]

From the Historic Districts Council, the neighborhoods chosen as this year's Six to Celebrate.

Ask Me Another, NPR's new show of word games, trivia, and puzzles, does live tapings at The Bell House—1/23 is sold out but there are (free) tickets for 2/6 and subsequent dates.

Refinery 29 has the skinny, and we do mean skinny, on designer Mark McNairy's totally appealing update of the Woolrich Woolen Mills.

art Sculptor and videographer Simone Leigh has a one-person show at The Kitchen called You Don't Know Where Her Mouth Has Been. The artist makes effective, sometimes startling use of older African ceramic techniques to frame distinctly contemporary observations.

movie In the longeurs of January, a movie with moves may hit the spot. And hit it again. Kapow. Steven Soderbergh's Haywire, opening tomorrow, stars martial arts virtuoso Gina Carano (along with people whose chops are of the acting variety). You won't forget her.

crowdsourcing We love this one: Vernacular Typography is a Kickstarter project seeking funding ($5,000) to launch a digital archive of typography from NYC and around the world. The idea is an outgrowth of Molly Woodward's site of the same name, which views differences in lettering as "a powerful marker of regional identity." The project would allow for a website overhaul and new material to be added.

photography Opening tomorrow at The Camera Club of NY, 336 W. 37th [8th/9th] 212.260.9927, Celestial, a show of five photographers who 'evoke the cosmos' and a 'sense of wonder.' We're in. [Photo: Brea Souders]

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

For Contemporary New York, A TV Program of Interest

Like the machine that identifies the next victim or perpetrator, the CBS drama Person of Interest seems to be the result of a complex algorithm spewed out by a mischievous and clever TV series generator. Take a basic New York detective drama set in New York City, with its variety of gritty and glamorous street locales, add a handsome, martial arts-kicking ex-CIA agent and an intense, meticulous billionaire software engineer, and overlay the show with post-911 surveillance visualizations. Make the story lines complicated by often confusing the good guys with the bad guys, ratchet up the "gotcha" moments, and throw in funny one-liners.

To play the dynamic duo, this hypothetical TV series generator has matched the actor that played Jesus in Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ (Jim Caviezel) with the mysterious leader of "The Others" in Lost (Michael Emerson). But let's pull the curtain back right away to acknowledge that the creator of this intriguing new series is not a machine but the work of one Jonathan Nolan. With his brother Christopher, Nolan wrote the critically acclaimed film The Dark Knight (2008) and the forthcoming The Dark Knight Rises (2012). While the tone and emphasis of Person of Interest differs from these Batman movies, we can identify at least one common thread.


Gowanus (from 2010)

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