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The upholsterers we recommend below will work with you even without an interior designer in tow. They can all do more than upholster a chair or sofa; they can make pillows, curtains, shower curtains, drapes, bedspreads, duvet covers, comforters, headboards, window treatments, valances, swags, balloon and Roman shades, slipcovers and tablecloths.

Getting things upholstered is expensive because this is such a labor-intensive business. Everyone has to do this work by hand (which is also why turnaround isn't quick). The upholsterers here work with Dacron and/or down filling and use staples to hold the fabric to the furniture frame. There are craftsmen who do old-world construction using webbing, horsehair and cotton-batting padding under the foam, who hand-stitch the ticking and hand-tack the fabric to the frame. These methods are more expensive and, for that group, you will need a designer to have access to them.

Diamint, 336 E. 59th [1st/2nd] 212.715.0903, has been in business since 1962, and under the proprietorship of Sylvia and Michael Gonzales for over 20 years. They do work for Sotheby's, D & D building folks, and Asprey, but work happily with individuals. You can come with your own fabric or Diamint can sell to you from sample books. They'll come to your home for a cost and yardage estimate and they prefer not to pick up your piece until they're ready to work on it. When they pick it up, they'll give you a time estimate — often 4-6 weeks — which is better than many.

E. Polarolo & Sons, 213 E. 120th [3rd] 212.255.6260. Clients may remember the pleasantly chaotic East Village shop before the company's move uptown. Richard Polarolo is the third generation of this family store which has been in business for over 75 years. Pickup and delivery available.

Richard's Interior Design, 1390 Lex [91st/92nd] 212.831.9000. Richard Harary has more than 30 years experience in decorating and upholstering. He and his staff provide full decorator service: they do in-home consultations ($500 deposit), but you can bring in pics, measurements, and color samples and the staff will work with you in the shop. Emphasis here is on service.
Opening tonight at the estimable Jen Bekman Gallery, 6 Spring [Bowery/Eliz] 212.219.0166, "Pin-Up Redux." It's a group show in which all the photos, prints, and drawings are $600 and under (many are under $400). Ten percent of opening night sales go to Teachers Count.

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