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Urban Justice Center
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The Urban Justice Center started in 1984 as the Legal Action Center for the Homeless, and UJC continues its mission of helping a wide range of New Yorkers in need: street vendors, sex workers, refugees, homeless youth, victims of intimate partner abuse, the poor, people with serious mental illness. They write, "Under the Trump administration, our clients are under assault. Please help us help them. Your support means we can provide critical legal services, free of charge, to thousands of refugees, veterans, homeless LGBT youth, and others every year."

Their mission is divided into 11 projects, such as the International Refugee Assistance Project, the Veteran Advocacy Project and the Street Vendor Project, providing legal advice to, and advocate for, vulnerable people who find it hard to get representation elsewhere. The Urban Justice Center doesn't wait for people to come to them—they do outreach in hospitals, in jails, on the streets and anywhere else they are needed. Free legal clinics in soup kitchens are also an important part of the mix. Last year alone, they closed 9,674 cases, helping over 14,500 people and saving the government more than $10 million.

You can support the crucial work the UJC does by making a donation here.

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