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Video Transfers

People who live outside New York have what are called "attics."

In these "attics," they have storage room (seriously!) for family memorabilia such as home movies — rolls of Super 8 film can languish there for years. Should you have happened on such a cache, or have your own box of such treasures in a New York attic, (also known as a closet), you might have thought about getting the goods transferred onto a more 21st century medium.

We like Pac Lab, 37 E. 1st [1st/2nd Ave.] 212.505.7797, for transferring Super 8 and 16mm to VHS or DVD (or VHS to DVD). They've been doing photo lab work for over 15 years, their prices are reasonable (and detailed on their site), and they're nice, to boot.

If you want to work strictly by mail, Home Movie Depot in Missouri is the place and their website has good background information. For an incredibly thorough look at DVDs, answering virtually any question you could have, take a look at DVD Demystified.
Only in Hollywood would it makes sense to hire the director of "Home Alone," "Mrs. Doubtfire," and two "Harry Potters" to direct the movie version of "Rent." Chris Columbus would have been our 810th choice; we'd have gone with him the minute Kevin Costner passed. The trailer is a meretricious lump of well-scrubbed twaddle and "Seasons of Love," released today on iTunes, has all the edge of "Up With People." It convinced us to measure our life in bile and spite. The cast performs on Thursday's Today Show, the movie opens on November 11th.

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