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Visit Wave Hill This Fall
Where Nature and Art Meet
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As we move through fall, the sculpture in Wave Hill's Glyndor Gallery seems to resonate more and more with the steep cliffs facing us across the Hudson. With three weeks until Foregrounding the Palisades closes, visit this intimate gallery, once a Georgian home overlooking the river, to immerse yourself in three sculptural experiences, from Blane De St. Croix's monumental take on the Palisades' formations, to Paula Winokur's porcelain relief sculpture and Isidro Blasco's simulation of multiple vantage points. This former private home sits amidst gardens and lawns that offer a rich palette of autumnal gold, russet and bronze, a gorgeous backdrop for the breathtaking vistas west to the mighty river and ancient cliffs. See for yourself: Print this email for free admission to Wave Hill during the month of November!

Saturday, November 17 Workshop: Landscapes in Clay
Ceramic sculptor Paula Winokur demonstrates techniques employed in constructing her installation in Glyndor Gallery, guiding you as you build your own clay miniature landscape. Register now for this hands-on workshop opportunity.

Sunday, November 18 Palisades Lecture
Pair a visit to Glyndor Gallery with a stop at the Hudson River Museum–just minutes up the river and three stops from Wave Hill on Metro-North–to hear historic interpreter Eric Nelsen of the Palisades Interstate Park-NJ tell the story of how these ancient cliffs, and the parkland around them, fought off waves of intense industrialization. The Museum's Bartholomew Bland, Director of Curatorial Affairs, opens the afternoon with a tour of its 19th and 20th century American art, like William Wall's 1823 engraving and watercolor of the cliffs–check out the detail here, courtesy of the Museum. Both lecture and tour are free with admission to the Museum.

January Workspace Residency Workshops
Come January, plan to attend one of the FREE workshops that will be led by artists in Wave Hill's Winter Workspace residency. Enjoy the opportunity to work alongside artists utilizing a rich range of media. Sign up now for email alerts and secure your reservation to attend one of these coveted sessions.

Print this email for free admission to Wave Hill during the month of November!

[Photo credits: Banner image: Benjamin Swett. Foregrounding image and Paula Winokur workshop: Stefan Hagen. Winter Workspace: Joshua Bright.]


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