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Wall-to-Wall Gifts
Poll: Medical Marijuana

THE MORNING LINE The highly entertaining show about the BBC in the late 1950s, The Hour, returns to BBC America tonight for a second season. The Times' TV critic Mike Hale is lukewarm about the show, noting the current scandal involving accusations of pedophilia against host Jimmy Savile and the Newsnight investigative report that was to air on the network before being canceled. Hale fails to mention that the Times now has its own connection to the BBC scandal: Mark Thompson began this month as the Times' president and chief executive. Before being hired by the Times, Mr. Thompson was the director general of the BBC when the Newsnight report was canceled. In the spirit of the season, we'll assume fuller disclosure in the future… Also in the spirit of the season, gifts that will brighten up or enhance a wall.

16th Street and 6th Avenue print by Tom Keough
$50-$425 (Go to Prints in the Quick Gallery Viewer)

Split Rock Golf Pro Shop, 1940

Great Outdoors Alphabet Poster

Alcove Wall Shelf

Ice skating in Central Park during the first snow of the year.
By Matte Stephens

Renaissance Portraits,
pictured: Prince Primate II

Three Ring Mountable Planter

Magnetic Keyholder

Lunch Atop a Skyscraper
greeting card, postcard, or poster

Magic Pen Cubes

Keith Haring Chalk Board

Aperture Spice Rack

Grateful Tree Farm Switchplate

East Village Scene
stained glass by Nancy Nicholson

Arbres painting by Yahia Ouled Moussa

Skeleton Key

Ferm Living Suitcases black wall sticker


Should New York State allow medical marijuana?





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