leisure 01.16.09

Warm Up

Spend some time in the banya, a sauna with steam, at Okeanos, 211 E. 51st [2nd/3rd] 212.223.6773.

Stock up at Park Avenue Liquor, 292 Mad [40th/41st] 212.685.2442, where you can choose from 400 Scotches.

Snuggle under the Nap Dream Blanket from Brookstone.

Get toasty by the fireplace with an order of s'mores at Camp, 179 Smith [Warren/Wyckoff] Bklyn 718.852.8086.

Pop a hand warmer into your gloves. They're available at North Face in Soho and on the UWS.

Let the hot peppers do the work at one of the Grand Sichuan restos.

When the thermometer dips, nothing seems quite as satisfying to us as a steaming hot chicken pot pie. The Cleaver Company at Chelsea Market is the pie you want. $7.95

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