leisure 07.28.10


Fun, 'interactive water play area' at Pier 84.
A good list of other fountains and sprinklers here.

Today, a vote in the State Senate on a fracking moratorium.
More at NYH20.

5 hotel swimming pools open to the public.

Head out of the city and get refreshed
by mists from the state's waterfalls.

The city maintains fourteen miles of beaches.

Hat tip to the Downtown Boathouse, which has singlehandedly made kayaking part of the NYC experience.

And speaking of hats, the Evaporative Cooling Cap from Hammacher Schlemmer, $24.95, is sort of an AC/baseball cap hybrid.


5 water theme parks, courtesy of Mommy Poppins.

Extra fountains of NYC tap water thanks to the city's
Water-on-the-Go program.

Shipwreck scuba diving off New Jersey and Long Island.

Today on Wish You Were Here:
Cooper's Roadside Stand


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