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THE MORNING LINE If you buy your fruits and veggies at a Greenmarket, you know exactly where they come from. If you shop elsewhere, here is a way to find out points of origin.

Peter Koval, well-regarded fashion photographer, also does watercolor paintings. Most are Tribeca street scenes—all of them, even the grittier depictions, are sights for sore eyes. Pictured above is Reade Street. Prints start at $45, signed custom reproductions are $250.
Original watercolor paintings are $550.

Whether she's divining the joy of a couple at the altar, the soul of a pet pooch, or a bass player's moody riff, an Anne Watkins watercolor invariably conveys the impression of a moment with grace.

The Brooklyn Museum's show John Singer Sargent Watercolors combines their collection of the artist's work in the medium with that of the complementary collection of Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. You get to see nearly 100 examples and an expressive side of Sargent you may not have previously discerned.

Throughout the run of the Sargent show, a member of the Brooklyn Watercolor Society will be on hand, every Wednesday, 11:30am-12:30pm, and Sunday, 3-4pm, to answer questions about watercolor technique.

Through Sunday, Audubon's Aviary: Part I of the Complete Flock, a major watercolorfest from the New-York Historical Society.

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