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Wedding Watercolors

"I'm a champion procrastinator," says Anne Watkins. So when friends were getting married and she hadn't gotten a gift, she thought, "I'll paint at their wedding. People who know me would rather have a sketch than a platter anyway."

That was how Ms. Watkins came to the delightful idea of creating watercolors live during wedding ceremonies (as well as while the bride prepares and during the reception). "I always paint from life, not photographs. I'm a big jazz fan and I feel there's something similar to jazz in my approach — I try to capture something unfolding."

You can see it in the freshness of the works: fleeting moments are caught and rendered with exceptional grace.

The starting rate is $5000 and Ms. Watkins says she generally produces 10-12 paintings with a focus on the bride and groom but including others as well — perhaps the flower girl.

Ms. Watkins paints other subjects, too: kids, musicians, animals, and ball-players, always from life, not photographs. For a dog or cat commission, it's $500 for a session, with two or so watercolors at the end. If you have more than one animal, it's an additional $250.

Contact Ms. Watkins at 212.866.0057 or email her.

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