leisure 06.27.03

Weekend Pleasures

Movies: There can't be many movies more sweetly appealing than Ernst Lubitsch's "The Shop Around the Corner" starring Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. It certainly has the corner on charm. Now playing at the Film Forum, 209 W. Houston [Varick/6th] 212.727.8110, as part of the Lubitsch series (through tomorrow at 3:20 and 7:20), it's on a double bill with "To Be or Not Be", which is not too shabby either.

Sports: The 7th annual outrigger canoe race, the Liberty World Challenge, takes place this Saturday on the Hudson. For info on the best viewing, go to www.libertychallenge.org.

Shopping: Malia Mills has a new swimwear salon at 960 Mad [75th/76th] 212.517.7485, open Mon-Sat, 12-7pm. This is in addition to the store at 199 Mulberry [Spring] 212.625.2311 (12-7 daily) and the new outlet at 263 W. 38th [7th/8th] 16th Floor 212.354.4200, Mon-Thu 10-6, Fri 10-5.

Gay and Lesbian: Serious reasons to celebrate were handed down by the Supremes on Thursday. Here's the Supreme Court opinion (click on Lawrence v. Texas) and here's an overview of the festivities for the weekend's Pride events www.nycpride.org.

Books: Sidney Blumenthal — journalist, Clinton adviser, and whipping boy of the right-wing — has written The Clinton Wars, a thoroughly absorbing history of the Clinton presidency. For those of us outside the beltway, it's a revelatory account of the Bill and Hillary pillorying and a clear-eyed, generally sympathetic analysis of those eight years…On a more carefree note, there's this: Carl Hiaasen said, "Christopher Moore is a very sick man, in the very best sense of the word. Island of the Sequined Love Nun is so delightfully warped and funny that no sane person could've written it." Mr. Moore's new book is Fluke, or I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings. He's a reliably great read on the beach or off.

For Kids: Have a little Breakfast at Belmont and watch the horses doing their morning workout routines. 718.641.4700.

Bar: Ruby Lounge, 186 E. 2nd [A/B] 212.387.9400, is a new, swank spot designed by Jason Castrounis. Done up with French colonial-style furniture, you'll find tapas and a cocktail list that includes a red mai-tai, a red apple martini, and a red sidecar. Attention has also been given to the wine list, and you know which color you should be drinking here.

Report from the retail front: The Hermès sale we listed yesterday apparently has amazing bargains this time around as well as a lot of stock. There are even better discounts than the 30-40% we said. It's at 111 Franklin [Church/W. Bway] 212.759.7585. Today and tomorrow, Fri 10-6, Sat 10-6. Men's and women's ready to wear and more.

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