leisure 08.8.03

Weekend Pleasures

Movies:What was worse this summer, the weather or the movies? While you're pondering that, an antidote to both can be found in "Step Into Liquid", the documentary about surfing that may remind you of a time when summers were sunny and summer movies were awesome, dude.

Bar: The Astor Lounge has had a stylish makeover and is now Mannahatta, 316 Bowery [Bleecker] 212.253.8644.

Books:Forced to choose, we'd pick The Book of Ebenezer Le Page by G. B. Edwards as our favorite novel of all time. The recollections of a cranky old man on the island of Guernsey, Guy Davenport of the Times wrote, when the book was first published here in 1981: "A masterpiece…One of the best novels of our time…I know of no description of happiness in modern literature equal to the one that ends this novel." Hard for us to imagine a more pleasurable weekend than one spent with Ebenezer Le Page.

TV: Major laughs from "Three Non-Blondes" on BBC America, Sunday at 9pm.

Brunch: A bite at the Lunchbox diner, 357 West [Leroy] 646.230.9466, and a walk along the increasingly green edge of the Hudson works for us.

Theatre: Even though it's now getting a lot of mainstream attention, The Fringe Festival, which starts this weekend, remains a bracing, shake-em-up addition to the city's theatre scene. More at www.fringenyc.org.

Shopping: It's not happening until next week but you need to act now…Prada is having a sample sale from Tuesday, August 12 until August 22 at the Fuller Building, 57th and Madison, 2nd floor, cash only. But you need to make an appointment. The times are 8/12 1-7, then M-Th 9-7 and F 9-5. Email them with your name and several date and time choices (you can tell them you'd like to bring up to two friends with you). They'll confirm by email. Email them at sample.sale@prada.com.

Look, we don't have time for this…we can't keep running corrections for William Grimes. But, hellooo? In today's Diner's Journal about the restaurant Cavo, Mr. Grimes describes keftedes as "the firm, chewy Greek sausage". Keftedes are meatballs.

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