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Weekend Short Course for Travelers
Learn French, Spanish or Italian and Save 25%
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Planning a trip? Get more out of your travels with a weekend short course in French, Spanish or Italian at Idlewild Books.

Our fun, six-hour Short Course for Travelers covers greetings, ordering in a restaurant, asking for directions, making reservations, shopping and negotiating, and making small talk. Our teachers are all native speakers with extensive teaching experience and a dynamic method that will have you speaking right away.

Special MUG offer—Save 25% on fall short courses! Regular price $180. Special price $135 (including materials) when you mention MUG! Classes fill up quickly (class size is limited to 12 people) so call us today at 212-414-8888 to reserve a space!


October 1/3 (Friday 6-9 pm, Sunday 2-5 pm)
October 22/24 (Friday 6-9 pm, Sunday 2-5 pm)
November 5/7 (Friday 6-9 pm, Sunday 2-5 pm)

October 8/10 (Friday 6-9 pm, Sunday 2-5 pm)
October 29/31 (Friday 6-9 pm, Sunday 2-5 pm)
November 12/14 (Friday 6-9 pm, Sunday 2-5 pm)

October 16/17 (Saturday 6-9 pm, Sunday 2-5 pm)
November 19/21 (Friday 6-9 pm, Sunday 2-5 pm)

All classes take place in the beautiful back room of Idlewild Books, 12 West 19th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues) in Manhattan. Courses meet in two sessions over one weekend: Part 1 meets Friday evening from 6 to 9 pm. Part 2 meets Sunday from 2 to 5 pm.

For more information about our Short Course for Travelers, or our regular 10-week courses, visit www.idlewildbooks.com.

To register, call 212-414-8888 or write to david@idlewildbooks.com

Our short courses also make a great gift for a traveling friend or loved one. If you'd like to purchase one as a gift, let us know and we can send the recipient a special email or card.

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