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Welcome to Chishawasha

Chishawasha is a home and school for Zambian children orphaned by AIDS. After NYC-based photographer Klaus Schoenwiese was approached by a U.S. fundraising partner of Chishawasha to consider a pro bono assignment on its behalf, he brought Kids with Cameras into the project.

The photographer spent three weeks as Chishawasha's guest, working with the three dozen residential children and many others from surrounding communities. Each child was given a camera and encouraged to reflect their world with it.

This Saturday, March 15th, 6-9pm, a show of Schoenwiese's own work documenting this project called "Welcome to Chishawasha" will debut at the Manhattan World Culture Open Center, 19 W. 26th [6th/Bway] 212.244.7200.

In addition to the photographer's images, select samples of the student's work will be on view. A full exhibition of their work is planned for later in the year. More info here.


One of the proposals for the new Governor's Island is a New Globe Theater, an idea which we heartily endorse. This will only happen, however, if there is enough public support to persuade the National Park Service, which seems inclined to eliminate the New Globe plan. Tonight at Federal Hall, 26 Wall, 5pm-7pm, there's a public hearing on the proposal and your presence can make a difference. Find out more here.

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