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We're Proud of MUG

We're proud of our work. It's labor-intensive, it's time-intensive, it requires huge amounts of attention and care to get things right.

MUG looks at New York through as many lenses as possible. Uptown, downtown, all the boroughs, younger, older, edgy, traditional, flush, shoestring, black, white, gay, straight, mainstream, offbeat, serious, fun—all the New York Cities you can construct for yourself in any given week.

That's why our articles ricochet everywhere, from Wretched Refuse: Recycling in NYC, to Shower Gear to Titanica, followed by a walk down Unbeaten Paths, a survey of The World in New York, a break for The Best Coffee in New York, articles on first responder communications, fracking, nonprofits doing good things, sales, cocktails, services, hot restaurants, cool design, our weekly arts roundup Up Next, history, Etsy hunts, Hump Day finds around the web, plus our talented flickr pool contributors, shoestring NY from the skint, Jason Polan's Every Person in New York, and joe's new york, photographs by Joe Holmes.

Good content requires a lot of time and effort. Also: money. We accept nothing—no money, gifts, swag or anything else—for editorial inclusion. No thank-you gifts. Nada. If we write about something, it's because we think it will interest you. As you know, we no longer accept advertising either. MUG is 100% reader supported. So, we're in your hands.

Your contribution of any amount will keep us growing, help us maintain and update the site, create new content, add new features, plus provide a living wage. To make it work, we need at least 15% of readers to contribute something in a year. Since we went this route, over 6% have donated, which is a great start. But we have a ways to go. If you think MUG adds value to your experience of the city, we ask you to support us.

We love creating MUG every day for you and we're so grateful to have readers who are as passionate about this city as we are.

Charlie Suisman

Times Square (from 2011)

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