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What We're Dreading in 2012
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That the proposed Aqueduct convention and gambling center gets the green light without careful thought—and a lot of it.

That the great Aretha doesn't turn up at Radio City in February after all, either physically or mentally.

That Jonathan Franzen is writing a new novel.

That David Mitchell is not.

That Europe will be a day late and a Euro short.

That Casey Anthony anything. Enough.

That the 2012 election will define ugly down.

That a Pomeranian will win Westminster.

That the Curiosity Rover won't have a safe journey in its 209 days to a Mars landing.

That economic forces will trump common sense in the fracking debate.

And speaking of Trump, we're dreading that the Muffy Tufted One will actually come up with a way to sink lower.

Correspondence from County Clerk Norman Goodman.

That the Ann Curry wrecking ball continues to make The Today Show unwatchable.

That Op-Sail 2012, which arrives in May, gives us a week with all those sailors, and that that won't be enough time.

That Occupy gets preoccupied.

That the Mayans were on to something.

That 2011 isn't over.

Ai Weiwei at Mary Boone

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