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What We're Dreading in 2013

THE MORNING LINE Happy new year! Want to catch up with MUG? A few recent articles: 18 All-Time Favorite Books, Volunteering, Silence=Death, The List of Lists. Looking ahead, the things small and large, serious and not, that we're dreading in this new year.

We're dreading that the bike share program, already postponed to this May, gets postponed again. Shake a leg, Alta.

A cyber attack on our beloved series of tubes.

That a Pomeranian will win Westminster. #SameDreadEveryYear

Deep dread that we'll lose the impetus for progress on climate change and gun control.

That in Homeland, Carrie won't give Peter Quinn a second look. Wake up, girl!

That Governor Cuomo will approve fracking in the Marcellus Shale.

With large sodas banned, what's next? Jeroboams? Our Methuselahs? Our Nebuchadnezzars?

And while we're on the Mayor, Hizzoner's Midtown East rezoning proposal is predicated on the idea that more density is what's needed (in midtown!)—a dreadfully oversimplified solution.

Cultural detritus: Honey Boo Boo. Trump. A Paula Broadwell talk show.

Even with Jony Ive now responsible for Apple's software design, we dread that the kitschy design fail called skeuomorphism Apple has perpetrated in its apps will be with us for the foreseeable future.

We dread that the Supreme Court will rule against gay marriage.

Whatever will become of Lady Mary? We worry.

More drone strikes with no oversight.


Correspondence from County Clerk Norman Goodman.

Manhattan (from 2010)

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