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New exhibition
Opening this Friday, Boccioni's "Materia: A Futurist Masterpiece and the Avant-garde in Milan and Paris." Boccioni's influential portrait of his mother, painted in 1912, will be presented with works from Picasso to Duchamp, which make for interesting comparisons. At the Guggenheim, 1071 5th [88th/89th] 212.423.3500.

New book
The Kitchen Boy, a novel by Robert Alexander, tells the tale of the last days of the Romanovs from the point of view of a genuine, if forgotten, witness. (Viking, $23.95)

New movie
"Why remember a destructive love affair? Here at Lacuna, we have perfected a safe, effective technique for the focused erasure of troubling memories." Thus speaks Dr. Howard Merzwiak (played by Tom Wilkinson) in the promising new comedy opening next month by Charlie Kaufman ("Adaptation," "Being John Malkovich") called "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," starring Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, Elijah Wood, and Mark Ruffalo. Watch the trailer here and check out the tongue-in-check website, (complete with goofy, pizzicato strings in the background), of the (fictitious) Lacuna company that developed the technique in question.

New store
On February 12th, Louis Vuitton opens its new flagship at 1 E. 57th [5th] 212.758.8877. It will be the largest LV store in the world.

New CD
John Ondrasik, the writer and performer behind Five For Fighting, just released a fine new album called "The Battle for Everything." Piano-driven rock songs, an exceptionally lovely ballad ("100 Years"), a lot of great stuff here. The Post today already called it one of the 10 best albums of the year. FFF will be at Joe's Pub on February 18th, 212.539.8778.

New restaurant
While the food world is holding its breath for the starry restaurants to hatch at the Time Warner Center, we think the pairing of Gray Kunz and Jean-Georges Vongerichten at Spice Market, 403 W. 13th [9th] 212.675.2322, could produce some wonderful Asian food (if they can keep out of each other's mise en place). No announced opening date, but it could be any moment.

New Shakespeare production
From the London Times: "Occasionally a production comes along that is so brim full of delights that I long to be able to parcel it up and carry it home, ready to unwrap and play again when times are glum. Edward Hall's latest Shakespeare staging has me feeling this way, so inventive are its ideas and so brightly inspired is the company's playing." They're talking about the all-male production of A Midsummer Night's Dream from the Propeller Company, due at BAM in March. You might want to snag some tickets now, 718.636.4100.

New bar
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Yesterday's MUG: Birthdays. And thanks to all for your good wishes on MUG's first birthday.

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