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· · · · Bar
Contemporary, neutral colors and pale woods set the tone at the (relatively) low-profile, high-style new bar called Gstaad, 43 W. 26th [Bway/6th] 212.683.1440.

· · · · Art
A solo show of paintings by Tulsa-born Joe Andoe at Feigen Contemporary, 535 W. 20th [10th/11th] 212.929.0500. Mr. Andoe lives and works in NYC, but you feel the menace of the prairies in his work, notably in his paintings of a single car in a vast, forlorn landscape.

· · · · Restaurant
We're looking forward to this one: Mas, 39 Downing [Bedford/7th Ave. S.] 212.255.1790, opens this Saturday night. In the kitchen, Galen Zamarra, formerly the chef de cuisine at Bouley Bakery.

· · · · Theatre
Assassins, Sondheim's musical about presidential assassinations, is in previews at Studio 54, 254 W. 54th for a limited run. It's produced by the Roundabout and directed by Joe Mantello. 212.719.1300 or here.

· · · · Book
The Island at the Center of the World: The Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan, the Forgotten Colony that Shaped America by Russell Shorto, (Doubleday $27.50). The 17th Century Dutch records, on which this book is based, virtually rewrite history, placing the Dutch much closer to the heart of America than ever before.

· · · · Shopping
Rafe Totengco's imagination is in full bloom with his spring 2004 collection of handbags at Rafe, 1 Bleecker [Bowery] 212.780.9739.
From a reader about yesterday's Gawker SE: "WORST IDEA EVER." Indeed. Just keep in mind yesterday's date.

New recycling rules: New York City residents must now put glass bottles, jugs and jars in with their metal and plastics.

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