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A tip sheet of the just arrived and the coming soon.

François Payard, originally from Nice, brings some of his Mediterranean roots to Manhattan's more southerly climes when he opens Intent, 231 Mott [Prince/Spring]. Due next month. Maybe.

'Murray Hill hotspot' may be oxymoronic, but Vapor, 143 Mad [31st/32nd] 212.686.6999, is devoting a front bar, VIP room, downstairs lounge, and pumped-in stage mist to changing that.

Opening in mid-May, Clinton Cove Park — part of the Hudson River Park, aka the gift that keeps on giving.

Felicity Huffman, who plays Lynette on "Desperate Housewives," gives a startling, extraordinary performance as a male-to-female transsexual in Duncan Tucker's road movie Transamerica. This is a surprise hit in the making. (No release date yet).

Airline Routes
Starting May 17, JetBlue flies nonstop to Portland, Oregon for as low as $119 outbound, $139 return and to Burbank, California for as low as $119 each way, starting May 24.

There have been a number of delays, but it looks like Deepak Chopra's Ayurveda spa at the Dream Hotel, 210 W. 55th [Bway/7th] 212.247.7000, will open in June.

Reiss, which makes clothing that's something of a cross between Ben Sherman and Banana Republic, has opened its first store outside the U.K. at 387 W. Bway [Spring/Broome] 212.925.5707.
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M.R Jewelry
In Friday's article on those gorgeous bangles from M.R Jewelry, we listed an incorrect email address for the designer. The correct one is rainer@rainernyc.com.

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