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The Delancey, 168 Delancey [Clinton] 212. 254.9920. Instant hipster Mecca, especially on the roof deck at this new bar/lounge.

Ben and Jerry's Flavor
Di's Candy Drawer: Chocolate ice cream with chunks of peanut and crisp rice fudge bars and swirls of caramel. More

NYC TV, Channel 74. The city's official network covering city services and information, cultural events, historical accounts and special events. More

The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty: The Game, The Team, and the Cost of Greatness by Buster Olney (Ecco, $26.95). Inside Yanks baseball, 1996-2001. More

Chef Jimmy Bradley and his partner Danny Abrams always seem to know exactly how we want to eat now. With Red Cat, The Harrison, and The Mermaid Inn under their belt, up next is Pace, 121 Hudson [N. Moore] 212.965.9500, opening in a few days, serving Italian food. These guys never miss.

Over at Gawker, they've finally gotten rid of that humorless Cora Sicker and hired themselves a real editor, by the name of Jessica Coen. More
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