leisure 10.16.07

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New Restaurant
Soho veteran Peter Hoffman (Savoy) takes a step out of his comfort zone by opening (tomorrow) Back Forty, 190 Ave. B [11th/12th] 212.388.1990.

New Location
They've been in the West Village forever (well, 15 years), but you can now find the terrific jewelry by Wendy Mink at 72 Orchard [Broome/Grand] 212.260.5298.

New Trees
Find out about the city's plan to plant a million new trees in the five boroughs.

New Show
The Glorious Ones is the new musical by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty about the lives of a commedia dell'arte troupe. Early word is positive.

New Book
The exposed spook speaks: Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House, by Valerie Plame Wilson, hits stores Monday.

New Coffee Class
The environmental impact of coffee is the subject this Thursday, 8pm, at Joe: The Art of Coffee, 9 E. 13th [5th/Univ]. Details.

New Software
Mac users have been waiting anxiously for the appearance of Leopard, the next version of the operating software. It's official: October 26th is the day.

sex please, we're british…city of light silhouettes.


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