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Every Person in New York

The Motorcycle Safety School is run by Diane Howells in Brooklyn and upstate. She teaches people to ride and get licensed for scooters, Vespas, and motorcycles. Howells and crew have a welcoming attitude, especially for women learning to ride.

Brooklyn's got you covered for your electric bike needs: try Propel Bikes or Greenpath.

Electric skateboard enthusiast? There's a group for that.

The hottest motorized skateboard is no cheap ride. The Onewheel XR has a range of 12-18 miles, top speed of 19mph, and costs $1,799. The Pint has a range of 6-8 miles, top speed of 16mph, and starts at $950.

In 1981, Gael Greene read an article about homebound New Yorkers often going hungry and turned her outrage into Citymeals on-Wheels, which now provides over 2 million meals for New Yorkers each year. When you donate, 100% of your gift goes to preparation and delivery of meals.

In Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman's Awakening, Manal al-Sharif relates how she became an activist for a woman's right to drive in Saudi Arabia. The driving ban was lifted since her book came out in 2017, but as al-Sharif wrote in Time last month, things have only gotten worse, with the government waging "a war on women."

New York Cycle Club is the largest recreational cycling club in the New York area.

Five Borough Bicycle Club claims the friendliest bike club mantle.

WE Bike NYC is a community of women who ride bikes.

Deno's Wonder Wheel on Coney Island, originally known as Dip-the-Dip, was designated an NYC landmark in 1989. This Memorial Day marked the beginning of its 99th season.

Jason Polan started Every Person in New York in March of 2008. He plans on working on the project until it is finished. Look for more at Jason's site and his book Every Person in New York.

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