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Where Should Books Be?

Where should books be? is a question that comes up more and more lately.

Books should be in schools.
Frederick Douglass said, "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."

There are more books today in NYC schools than there were yesterday, thanks to the generosity of MUG readers. You supported the four projects in Monday's email plus an additional five projects.

A total of 504 students in NYC will have books they otherwise would not have had. But our schools should not struggle for this resource.

Books should be on bedside tables.
Particularly children's bedside tables. For those lucky enough when they're young to have parents read to them, the storytelling and the memories of that communion are a life-long gift.

Books should be in libraries.
If the NYPL had its way as part of the hopefully-still-dead Central Library Plan, three million of those pesky books and other research materials would be sent off to Princeton. The concept of the new Donnell, in architect Enrique Norten's mind, was specifically to relegate books to what he considers an appropriate status. The new design, he said, "…has become more like a cultural space, which is about gathering people, giving people the opportunity to encounter each other. It's not really about just being a repository of books."

Citizens Defending Libraries is doing great work trying to "defend, not defund" our libraries—those essential repositories of books.

Books should be afforded pride of place.

McCarren Park (from 2013)

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