info 09.6.05

While You Were Out

Eat Here, Get Gas
Gas prices rose. The website New York Gas Prices made a lot of new friends.

Condoleeza Rice went shoe shopping at Ferragamo while New Orleans drowned.

CBGB held on, hosting benefit shows that continue through the month.

Tender Bar
Janet Maslin raved about J. R. Moehringer's memoir The Tender Bar, the story of a young boy growing up, and the corner bar that was his refuge and crucible.

Convention Center? What Convention Center?
Maureen Dowd didn't pull her punches — she called Michael Brown, the head of FEMA, a "blithering idiot."

Sweet Spot
Crème Delight, an ice cream with lower fat and less sugar than most premium brands, was developed locally. Chocolate, vanilla, cookie dough, and chocolate with caramel turtles have started turning up on gourmet grocer shelves.

What They Did This Summer
The good folks at the Gotham Gazette spent a lot of time breaking down the key issues in the mayoral race into a tasty, bite-sized grid.

Room With a View
Tickets went on sale for a visit to the Top of the Rock, the new observation deck that's opening November 1. Touristy or not, we can't wait.
5 List: Katrina Relief
AmeriCares (Charity Navigator summary)
America's Second Harvest (Charity Navigator summary)
Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
Red Cross (Charity Navigator summary).

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