intersection 01.5.09

While You Were Out

The Usual Holiday Drill: Neighborhoods were quiet, except midtown, which was nuts. Mostly, it was windy, cold, and gray. Onward.

Terroir NYC: Wine/food/music center City Winery opened in Soho, where, among other things, you can help make a barrel of your own wine. Meanwhile, the Napa Valley's wine/food/arts megacenter Copia declared bankruptcy and closed.

Knitting Decreases: Michael Dorf, the man behind City Winery, was also the founder of the Knitting Factory, which for many years was the cutting edge downtown music venue. The Tribeca location closed on New Year's Eve but they're relocating to the old Luna Lounge space in Williamsburg this spring.

Plaza Sour: Many New Yorkers have a soft spot for the Plaza in a way they've never had for, say, the Pierre. But the changes there have not gone down easy. During the fall, there were lots of moneyed grumbles. And more grumbles: a refurbished Oak Room reopened, peddling $58 risotto and $28 hamburgers. Kay Thompson, creator of Eloise, would not have been amused.

Plaza to Palace: Well, we don't really know how Ms. Thompson would have felt about $28 hamburgers in the Madoff era, but we do know a lot more about Thompson, who had the good sense to be godmother to Liza Minnelli. At her recently ended limited engagement at the Palace, Minnelli paid tribute to Thompson as well as to Ma Garland.

Going Going: The Palace is hardly the only theater now dark. Broadway faces its annual spate of post-New-Year closings, though this time it's especially grim: they're loading out at least a dozen Broadway houses.

More Empty Seats: Even many who think Caroline Kennedy is a fine idea to fill Hillary Clinton's vacant Senate seat concede that she needed a bit more spit and polish in the rollout.

Spit Take: A hilarious year-end gift from Zbigniew Brzezinski: As Joe Scarborough bloviates on the Middle East, Brzezinski says, "You have a such stunningly superficial knowledge of what went on it's almost embarrassing to listen to you." Almost?

The Next Millennium: You know those '2009' glasses that people have been wearing for New Year's eve this decade, in which the two centered 00's were for your eyes? The next time this is possible is the year 3000. We wonder, will people wear those glasses then?

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