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Window Grills

Kristina Kozak has a terrific store in Williamsburg called MINE, 177 Grand [Bedford] 718.963.1184, that sells cool home accessories — furniture, bedding, jewelry, pillows, stuff like that. (Note that the store is only open Friday-Sunday, noon-6, and by appointment).

But it's Ms. Kozak's skill at metalworking (she has a Masters in it) that we want to bring to your attention today. In addition to the metalwork on display in the store, Ms. Kozak's graceful designs can be seen around Williamsburg in the form of stylish window grills. It's a case, as she puts it, of beauty repelling the beast.

She works with commercial and residential clients to create this functional sculpture. It generally takes two to three weeks from the time you contact her to delivery, depending on the specifics: whether it needs to open, hinge, and lock, whether an AC needs to fit in it, and so on.

"It's all custom work," Ms. Kozak says, "so I try to design around a client's aesthetic if they have one…My aesthetic tends to be organic, I'm a pretty good bender of metal and so I feature it as a design element."

To give you a ballpark of price, a 3' by 6' window would probably fall between $1,000 and $1,500 but could be more if it's a complicated design. If you want it painted, she'll job that out and installation is extra.

One other bonus of her work: the hand-wrought steel can throw beautiful shadows indoors.

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