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Winter Warmers
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Atop the Viceroy New York, The Roof offers views of Central Park and the hot cocktail Lauren in the Winter: Cognac, tea, lemon, honey and cloves.

The Hot Herbal Poultice treatment at Euphoria Spa, 18 Harrison [Hudson/Greenwich] 212.925.5925, uses heated lemongrass, bergamot, ginger, turmeric, and camphor, as part of a 90-minute massage. $215

You'll thank Old Chatham's Spruce Ridge Farm and their herd of alpacas when you're wearing their toasty socks—dress, hiking or for boots.

Primal goodness: broth from Brodo, 200 1st Ave. [12th] 646.602.1300

Pull up a blanket and listen to one of the scores of Desert Island Disc radio shows from the BBC. Artists, performers, writers (and the occasional ringer) are asked what music would go with them to a desert island. Almost invariably good, cozy chat and music. Free at iTunes.

Virtually anything from Xi'an Famous Foods will help chase away the winter blues, especially, perhaps, the spicy cumin lamb and noodles in soup.

Human imperfections warmly, forgivingly described by Anne Tyler in her long career and in her new novel A Spool of Blue Thread.

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