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Reweavers repair moth holes, tears, and rips to fabric. Two venerable companies are French-American Reweaving, 119 W. 57th [6th/7th] Room 1406, 212.765.4670 and Superior Weaving and Mending, 41 Union Sq W. [17th] Suite 423, 212.929.7208.

Leather Cleaning
The go-to company for leather cleaning for eons now has been Leathercraft Process. You can mail them your gloves (they're in Roselle, NJ, 908.241.2600 — call for details) or drop them off at Cameo Cleaners, 284 3rd [22nd] 212.677.3949.

NYC Firewood, 631.789.0226, is a family business, located in Suffolk County, that has been supplying wood to us city folk for several decades.

Hat Cleaning
For over 70 years, Peter & Irving, 36 W. 38th [5th/6th] 212.730.4369, has cleaned, blocked, and restored hats.

Chimney Sweep
William Barreto's company, Kings County Chimney and Furnace Cleaning, 718.891.0766, cleans and repairs chimneys.

Home Canning Basics Kit
A 19-piece set at Sur La Table, 75 Spring [Crosby] 212.966.3375, is $69.95.

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