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A Vida Portuguesa
It's the absolute opposite of cheaper, faster, ship-it-to-your-door retail. Caterina Portas, who opened Lisbon's A Vida Portuguesa shop in 2007, has curated more than 1000 products made by Portuguese manufacturers who've deliberately resisted globalization. In many cases, she had to hunt down brands that were near extinction. more…

Museum of Shadow Puppetry
Nakhon Si Thammarat, one of the most ancient towns in southern Thailand, is known for its tradition of shadow puppetry. This is not your garden-variety now-it's-a-bunny-now-it's-a-duck stuff, and it's not just for kids, either. more…

Clärchens Ballhaus
The opening of Clärchens Ballhaus pre-dates the Weimar Republic in Germany by a few years, though its walls most clearly echo the music and dancing of Berlin in the '20s. Through the peeling paint, the well-worn wood, the weight of history is nearly tangible and, even more so, audible. more…

This is all about bragging rights: not everyone can say they've been to Hell and back, with the pictures to prove it. For the record, the road to Hell is not paved with good intentions. more…


Bray, U.K.
The Hinds Head
Heston Blumenthal is considered one of the best chefs in the world, performing feats of molecular gastronomy (a term he disavows) at his Michelin three-star The Fat Duck in Bray. Who else could make a hit out of 'snail porridge'? more…

Bogotá, Colombia
Las Margaritas
Tucked amidst the large Victorian houses of Bogotá's Chapinero neighborhood is Las Margaritas, whose empanadas are so locally famous, they make up nearly half the restaurant's take. more…

Smiling BKK
Finding quirk and character in new Dubai—where everything is luxe, five stars and ten minutes old—is a bit like seeing a silicone-free topless show in Vegas: Rare and refreshing, a respite from the pretty but soulless surroundings. Smiling BKK serves Thai street food out of a small room off an alley behind a gas station. more…

Bar at the Edificio Bacardi

So you're bashing about Havana, and you get a sudden craving for a mojito. (It happens.) more…


Buenos Aires
Hotel Home

We can name plenty of reasons to visit Buenos Aires, one of our favorite cities in the world. The Portenos are lovely people inside and out, you can tango, eat great beef, drink wonderful Malbec, visit Recoleta Cemetery, buy leather goods, and hardly make a dent in your bank account. That check list is pretty well known. Here's one more case to be made for B.A… more…

Mexico City
The Red Tree House

It's tough to get your arms around Mexico City. It has more than its fair share of crime and pollution, and both sprawl and density in insalubrious proportions. Mexico City also has more than enough history, cultural attractions, and great food to reward any visitor. You just have to manage its assets carefully. One key decision: where to stay. more…

Greenough, Montana
Paws Up Resort

First, you have to get past the word "glamping." As in glamorous camping. It's right up there with "manscaping" and "guesstimate." But just because you're not the pitch-your-own-tent type doesn't mean you don't dream of falling asleep under all that big Montana sky. more…

San Leo Bastia, Italy
La Molinella

If Goldilocks were on her honeymoon, we're guessing she'd book a week at La Molinella, in San Leo Bastia. In this former Umbrian water mill near the Tuscan border, everything is just about the perfect size for two. more…

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