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The Royal Dress Collection
Three things to see at the Royal Dress Collection at Kensington Palace, which archives some 12,000 pieces worn by England's royals and courtiers between the 17th century and today. more…

Kolmanskop Ghost Town
Next time you're in Las Vegas or Dubai, think of Kolmanskop, just inland from the port of Luderitz. It was a town built on diamonds: In the early 1900s, word got out that stones were so plentiful in this part of the Namib Desert, they just lay on top of the sand, ready to be scooped up. The DeBeers Company came sniffing, and boom: Diamond rush.. more…

Shigaraki, Japan
Miho Museum
You could be forgiven for thinking of your whole journey to the Miho Museum—by train from Kyoto, bus, and finally into a mountainside by electric car or foot—as a scene straight out of a Bond flick, in which you're going to meet the villain in his remote lair. In the movie, it might not go well for you. In real life, we promise, it will. more…

Butterflies of every stripe and swirl. Insects that specialize in camouflage. Periwinkle, Scotch Bonnet and Lightning Whelk seashells. Stuffed lions and zebras. This could only be Deyrolle in Paris, which, since 1831, has specialized in the wonders of the natural world. No matter how often you visit, there are new drawers to open, new discoveries to make. more…


The Cotswolds
The Pudding Club
The first rule of Pudding Club is you can only try one pudding at a time. The second rule of Pudding Club is you may return to the buffet by invitation only. You may move on to the next pudding only once you've cleaned your plate. No hiding the rest in a napkin and acting all innocent. Pudding Club knows where you live. more…

Warrensburg, NY
Oscar's Smokehouse
No story about bacon should ever have an unhappy ending and this one almost did. more…

Portland, OR
Voodoo Doughnut
A skip from Portland's Chinatown, in a nondescript brick building down the block from a 100-year-old former burlesque theater, is Voodoo Doughnut, and it's the kind of place that reaffirms everything good about mom-&-pop businesses. more…

San Francisco
Tartine Bakery and Cafe

Ask most any San Franciscan and they'll say the same thing about Tartine: "Oh, Tartine. The best. There's a stick of butter in everything." more…


South Tyrol, Italy
Vigilius Mountain Resort

To reach the Cipriani in Venice, you take a short ride on a private launch from San Marco to Giudecca island. It's a memorable entrance. So is the one to the Vigilius Mountain Resort in the South Tyrol: you arrive 1500 meters up the mountain via cable car—the only type of car you'll find here. Ahhh. more…

Nairobi, Kenya
The Giraffe Manor

The house seems to have been designed for a Merchant and Ivory film. You'll probably be surprised when you don't see Helena Bonham Carter roaming the grounds of this country manor, built in 1932 for a Scottish toffee heir, just outside of Nairobi. more…

Teuge, Netherlands

Flying first class (or in a private jet, while we're talking crazy) is one of the few true out-of-reach luxuries for even those with a healthy sense of the splurge. Oh, to be on the comfier, roomier, cloth-napkinier side of that tiny curtain. more…

Cocoa Island, Maldives
Cocoa Island

Frazzled, are we? Fraying around the edges a bit? Why don't you put down the BlackBerry and de-ear the Bluetooth for a moment. Let's talk about this. more…

Jason Polan started Every Person in New York in March of 2008. He plans on working on the project until it is finished. Look for Every Person in New York on Tuesdays in MUG and daily at Jason's site.

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