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Wish You Were Here
A New Travel Website
Plus: Hump Day

We're excited to tell you about a new project, co-published by the MUG team, called Wish You Were Here. It's a website with the mission of 'Inspiring Travel, One Place at a Time' and we hope you like it. Today's MUG is a roundup of some of the Wish You Were Here picks to date.


New Orleans
A Meschiya Lake Show
Contrary to what it sounds like, Meschiya Lake isn't a place—though inasmuch as music can embody a place, it is: If Janis Joplin sounds like Woodstock, or Bon Jovi invokes '80s Jersey Shore, Meschiya Lake is New Orleans. more…

Cap Ferrat, France
Villa Ephrussi
It makes more sense when you know that Baroness Ephrussi's last name was de Rothschild, de that Rothschild. And she married money, too. more…

Cavalli e Nastri
What if Auntie Mame had been Milanese? Here, on the Via Brera—where you're a stone's throw from many a big, shiny fashion flagship —entering Cavalli e Nastri is like walking into her (very well-organized) closet. more…

Whitehorse, Yukon
Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre
What might you be doing in the Yukon? Imagining Beringia, maybe. That's where the first people on the continent are said to have lived, hard by the Arctic, along with mammoths, on the steppe tundra. more…


Toronto's Leslieville neighborhood—a pawn-shop row-turned-artsy nexus—just keeps getting better. You can hunt down an address, tromp up a flight of stairs, and spend the evening eating homemade things like brandied duck rillettes and pineapple upside-down cake out of jars with spoons, by candlelight, in a tiny one-bedroom apartment above a pet store. more…

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
The Bloody Chicas Return
One of our favorite restaurants anywhere, as of a few years ago, was a hole-in-the-wall in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. No, that's not right—it wasn't even a hole-in-the-wall since it didn't really have walls to speak of. Everything that Mayte and Ale, the two women (lovingly dubbed the 'bloody chicas' by one of their husbands), prepared in this dinerless diner was delicious beyond belief and dirt cheap. more…

Shikoku, Japan
Takamatsu is on the island of Shikoku, in the Kagawa Prefecture, off the south coast of Japan; in other words, it's not exactly cake to get to. Scenic? Meh—there's a pretty landscaped garden (Ritsurin Park) and nice views of the sea and islands, but there are plenty other far more interesting places to gaze at the water from. With all the marvels a trip to Japan has to offer, why detour 500 miles from Tokyo to visit a smallish city that's mostly just a pass-through port for goods? more…

Wilmette, Illinois
Walker Bros. Pancakes
How far would we go for a pancake? That's easy: we'd go as far as Chicago in the winter—provided we could end up at one of the Walker Bros. locations throughout that metro area. more…


Brixham, UK
Agatha Christie's Country Retreat
At Greenway, the South Devon house where Agatha Christie spent summers from 1938 until her death in 1976, it's hard not to let your imagination run wild: That paperweight? Total murder weapon. Gardening tools? The shovel could come in handy if you needed to, you know, bury something. more…

Santa Barbara de Heridia, Costa Rica
Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn
In our experience, people fall into two categories. One group wakes up and needs coffee. The other group wakes up and NEEDS COFFEE. For those in the latter category especially, we'd point you to Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn, the first certified sustainable hotel in Costa Rica. more…

Hotel Fox
Translated very loosely as 'cozy', the Danish concept of hygge—spaces and activities that are warmly inviting—might be considered an instinctive national pastime. In Copenhagen's Hotel Fox, not so much. more…

Belgrade, Serbia
ArkaBarka Floating Belgrade Hostel
Cheap? Check. Meet some cool people from all over the world? Check. Nice views? Nah, that's just not a selling point for most hostels. At ArkaBarka in Belgrade, Serbia, its location on the Danube really does set it apart. more…

Life on Snaiad catalogues a place, 'one of Humanity's first off-world colonies', filled with cool creatures. [Via: Drawn!] Our own Prehistoric Animals have their appeal, too.

More animals, these of Earth origin, yet astonishing thanks to the work of photographer Artur Celes. [Note: Mr. Celes' site has been up and down this morning. Via: Design You Trust]

Repurposed signage
for sale from Character [Via: Lost at E Minor]

Insane, fun, Wild Shoe Designs.

The Known Universe, a video from the Museum of Natural History, does its job of blowing your mind. [Via: The Map Room]

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