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Witches and Witch Hunting

Kathleen Kent is a descendant of one of the first women tried and hanged as a witch in late 1600s Salem. She spent many years thinking about her ancestor Martha Carrier and many years researching the period in which she lived. The resulting novel, The Heretic's Daughter, is instantly absorbing.

From 1990, The Witches is an underrated delight based on the Roald Dahl's children's book about a young boy and his grandmother who vacation in a seaside town in which a witch convention is taking place. Playing the Grand High Witch, Anjelica Huston makes delicious comedy out of sulfur.

They promise you a wiccan good time at the annual Witch Festival held in the Smithtown Sheraton Grand Ballroom next Saturday, 9-5, $15 admission.

Witches are only a part of the enduring appeal of the Fractured Fairy Tales, which were meta before meta was cool (or coined).

The Enemy Within by John Demos details 2,000 Years of Witch-Hunting in the Western World, focusing on the early days of this country.

Abracadabra, 19 W. 21st [5th/6th] 212.627.7523
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Frankie Steinz, 24 Harrison [Greenwich/Hudson] 212.925.1373, by appointment.

Minnesota politics is well wide of our bailiwick, but we watched this interview on MSNBC with utter dismay. During the segment, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann calls for nothing less than a witch hunt in the U.S. Congress to find out who is a patriotic American and who is not. She manifestly has no idea of American history and blithely tosses out this recommendation without a second thought. You can sign the Censure Bachmann petition but even better, kick in some cash for her opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg, and get rid of a dangerous idiot from Congress.

Classic Monty Python: She's a witch!


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